World oil price reached $ 83.82 today

According to reports Berna According to Cyanobi, Oil prices Raw in trading today, Thursday, while Growth Despite the high gas prices, the possibility of switching power plants from Gas to the Oil Has gained strength.

Pre-purchase price per barrel of Brent crude oil, global oil price benchmark, as of 07:09 Tehran time, rose 0.77% to 83.82 Dollar coming back.

The pre-purchase price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) semi-heavy crude oil rose 0.78% to $ 81.03.

both Indicator Crude traded down 0.3 percent overnight.

Hiroyuki Kikokawa, CEO of Nissan Securities, said investors should return to the account that high gas prices on the eve of increased winter demand, power plants Electricity Use oil instead of gas.

On the other hand, a new report from the Intelligence Office Energy The United States, which predicted that US crude oil production would fall further this year than previously estimated, raised oil prices.

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