Winning the World and Olympic gold medals was very sweet / It is a myth in every sense / We promise to always fight for success

Mohammad Reza Garai, nationalist Greco Roman wrestling Our country in the World Cup in Norway and in Weight 67 kg won a valuable gold medal, about this competition with Reporter of Borna News Agency Sports Group talked.

He said about this: God Sugar I think we had a good performance in the World Cup and if we had a little chance we could have replaced the Russian team Championship title To earn. However earn four Gold medal the door CompetitionThe recent events have been very good and I hope that these successes will continue.

Hero the world And Olympic He further added: Youthfulness paid off and I was able to do it in 2 months Olympic And to win a gold medal at the World Championships, which was a sweet and very good event. Mr. Mohammad Bana is a myth in every sense of the word, and his presence with us gives us extra motivation. We promise to fight again and come out of every competition with the most colorful medals.

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