Why should you wash your glassware with rice and vinegar?

According to reports EconomyOnline ; This way you can see their appearance very clearly.

What you need:

You probably have everything you need in the kitchen. Deep cleaning of glassware can be done by mixing water with a few drops of dish soap, a teaspoon of vinegar and a cup of uncooked rice.


What you are going to do:

Pour the dishwashing liquid rice and vinegar into a glass, bottle or any glass jar and fill it to the top with water. Put your hand on the mouth of the glass container or if it has a lid, put the lid on the bottle and shake well. Rice removes any dirt from the dish. Repeat if necessary. Wash the dish and let it dry.

Why does this method work?

The rice is small enough to fit into all corners and cuts of glassware, but large enough not to get stuck. It is also good for cleaning glassware without damaging the material if the glass is really in good condition. It is bad to let the rice stay overnight with vinegar before trying the trick.

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