West Azerbaijan’s futsal team wins Basij week quadruple tournament

According to Borna Azarbayjan-e-Gharbi, the four-way futsal tournament on the occasion of Basij week started today with the participation of selected teams of artists, artists, journalists and selected cultural centers of mosques in the 5,000-seat hall of Shahid Bakri of the Young Cultural Center of Urmia.

In the first game of this competition, the selected team of the cultural centers of the mosques defeated the selected team of the Samanes with a result of 4: 4.

In the second game, the teams of journalists and artists competed against each other, which ended with a result of 4: 2 in favor of the journalists.

The team of journalists participated in these four-way competitions with the slogan of “all together electricity”, the purpose of which is to attract the attention and attention of the community to the optimal consumption of electricity throughout the year. Members of the media can be ambassadors for the optimal use of energy in society.

Four-way futsal matches will be followed on the occasion of Basij week on Thursday, and then the last games will be held on Friday and the tasks of the top teams will be determined.

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