We have the best and most skilled specialists in the health sector

According to the correspondent of Borna News Agency, Dr. “Seyed Javad Pournaghi” announced: “The current evaluation of the performance of the health field shows the proper development of the capacities of this department, because in the last two years and at the height of Corona epidemic, dedicated forces provided services.”

He added that the transformation of education into skills and service is a turning point in the field of health, adding: “Fortunately, in recent years, with a special focus on the transformation of technology into wealth, we have witnessed more growth in this field.”

Pointing out that one of the strengths and characteristics of the Ministry of Health is the wide field of services, he added: “Providing proper education and turning it into skills, service and wealth has led to the excellence of the country’s health field in the region.”

The highest official in the field of health in the province, stating that we have facts and ideals in the field of health, but there is a small gap between the two in the country, said: On the one hand, we have developed lofty ideals for ourselves and On the other hand, there is a special ideological view for the realization of the new Islamic civilization, which doubles our mission, and we must strive to turn the facts into our ideals.

Pointing out that the use of capacities is one of the ways to bring reality closer to the ideal, he continued: “One of our resources is human resources, and thanks to these resources and the sincere services provided, people live comfortably today.”

He pointed out: The field of health is very complex due to the wide working angles in the field of education, treatment and research, and the mission of the Ministry of Health is different, special and important due to this complexity.

According to this report, Dr. “Farhad Vafaei” and Dr. “Mohammad Reza Safdari” were sincerely thanked for their services, and Dr. “Hassan Baratizadeh” as the Deputy Head of Management Development, Resources and Planning, and Dr. “Bahram Bibak” as The Deputy Head of Education of North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences was introduced.

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