US warns Tel Aviv about joint projects with China

US warns Tel Aviv about joint projects with China – The US government has once again warned the Zionist regime about investing and carrying out projects of Chinese companies in occupied Palestine, according to the Qatra website and quoting Fars News Agency International Group.

A US State Department official said Wednesday evening that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had warned Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid that Chinese projects in occupied Palestine endangered the security of Washington and Tel Aviv.

According to the news agency, it is a competitor that challenges the current world order.

As we have said before, our relations with China are based on competition when needed, on cooperation when needed, and even on hostility when needed.

According to the report, the US official said that Blinken, in consultations with the Zionist delegation, emphasized to them that China is a friend of the region. [غرب آسیا] is not .


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