Transportation of more than one million and five hundred thousand postal items in Ilam

Mehdi Arefonia said this morning in an interview with a Fars News Agency reporter in Ilam: Currently, 13 postal units, 104 rural ICT offices, 57 Government Counter Office And there are seven deputy post offices located in other organizations in Ilam province.

He added: in total during the last 6 months, more than one million and five hundred thousand items of postal items were received or sent in the province, which is a number compared to the same period before the outbreak. coronavirus It has increased dramatically by 8 and a half times.

The Public Relations Manager of Ilam Post said: with the prevalence of Corona, online sales and purchases have increased up to about eight and a half times (850%) compared to previous years in the field of stores within the province.

In the end, he stated: The postal company has not increased postal tariffs in order to satisfy the people over the past few years, despite severe inflation and rising costs, and this has caused a lack of revenue and loss of most of the country’s post offices, including the post office. It has become Ilam province.

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