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According to Vanannews,

Mansour Ebrahimzadeh said about the draw between Iran and South Korea in the qualifying round of the World Cup: “First of all, I tell our team that they were able to return the result they lost.” We had a total of two different halves and in the first half a lot of our work was wrong and there were a lot of wrong passes. The distance between our lines was very large and that was something that could be seen in the national team and maybe one of the reasons was that we were worried about the speed of the Korean players and that is why our defenders were behind.

He continued: “That’s why we hit his second half and on a counter-attack they were able to get the ball deep in our defense and their player scored.” After receiving the whole move, we got much better and smoother and tried to score goals. Our goal shows our professional players because Sardar Azmoun chased the ball until the last moment and created a situation for Jahanbakhsh that Jahanbakhsh was also able to turn the ball into a goal.

The football veteran said that it is good that we try not to score goals and take care: “But we must not forget that we must increase the pressure on the opponent’s goal line so that we can use the opportunities.” Tackling on some of our players was to our detriment and I believe that Sadegh Moharremi works well on the right, but in the defensive third he always got the ball and moved inwards, lost the ball or made bad choices that two or three It was dangerous for them.

He added: “It was the result of a hard-working game for us and our kids worked and tried very well. I hope we will have more success in the future. After the draw, we were more concerned with keeping the game and subconsciously pulling back and working in defense. That’s why we brought Milad Sarlak to the game and it was Mehdi Ghaedi’s last minute substitution to make time. I thought Saman Qudus would come into play and Jahanbakhsh or Gholizadeh would be replaced, but Nourafkan came into play and Vahid Amiri came forward one line. Anyway, this is the view of the coach who answered and we returned the assigned game and reached a draw.

Ebrahimzadeh said regarding the criticism of Skocic and the analogy with Carlos Queiroz: “We should not talk about the past at all and we should talk about today.” It is true that we used to beat this team in the past, but that Korea may not have been this team either. I do not deny Kirosh and he worked hard for us anyway, but our games in the past with Korea were more defensive and we scored on counter-attacks and single chances.

He continued: “Our team has changed a lot compared to previous periods and we hope it will get better day by day.” In our fixed lineup, Vahid Amiri was not the only one in the legionnaire lineup, and this indicates that we have a worthy and good team at this time, and they should be treated in such a way that the team succeeds.

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