The use of superior technologies is the priority of the management of Isfahan province

According to the Fars news agency from Isfahan, quoting the public relations of the Isfahan governorate, Seyed Reza Mortazavi stated in a meeting with the head of the country’s university jihad: One of the main missions of the Isfahan governorate, which the president also emphasizes, is supporting new investments from It is a sex that fits the current conditions of the province.

The governor of Isfahan emphasized: the development path in Isfahan province, despite problems such as water, air pollution and land subsidence and changing the path to wealth production should be based on the use of superior technologies, which is one of the priorities of the province’s management. At the end of the day, we stand by and support active collections.

He pointed out that it is necessary to orient different projects in Isfahan province in accordance with the capacities and issues of the province, including water supply and industrial and technological sectors, stressed: If synergies increase in this field, things will be more appropriate and more coordinated. .

Mortazavi, stating that in the west of the province, there is room for new ships, added: “This issue is also one of the priorities of the province’s management and we will support projects that are defined in this field and are in accordance with existing capacities and issues.”

The governor of Isfahan said that one of the problems in the provinces was the lack of a body in charge of defining definitive plans with detailed technical and economic studies to host some investment flows, and said: They are guided but do not achieve much.

He added: “University Jihad with this volume of activities can take action to create a group that provides technical support from investment to the establishment of a capital, which we hope will be achieved in Isfahan province and we will help implement it.”

Mortazavi also expressed satisfaction with the fact that he has started his second working day as the governor of Isfahan with the subject of science and technology, referring to the activities of the University Jihad and noted: This collection has been very active in various sectors, including culture in the country’s universities. Many students who were concerned about serving the homeland put their activities in the direction of this collection.

The governor of Isfahan, referring to complexes such as the chemical and pharmaceutical production center of Shahid Modarres, stated: This project is also a special work that has been defined in the west of the province.

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