The secret of the actress in the serial wound was revealed!

Rana Azadivar was born in the spring of 1983. Rana Azadivar, a film actress and Theater Is. Rana Azadivar started her career in cinema by starring in the movie Lizard and with Play In three films in 2005, he established his position in cinema. Rana Azadivar is the wife of Mehdi Pakdel, a prominent Iranian actor. Rana Azadivar fell in love with Samira in the series Zakhm Kari. The actress who seemed to be reborn with the series Zakhm Kari, now Law The new VOD (home network) should say goodbye to such roles!

Rana Azadivar

1- Born on April 6, 1983 in Tehran

2- At the age of 19, he went to Karnameh Institute and registered for acting classes.

3- At that time, Parviz Parastavi was in charge of managing the record and Mr. Parastavi himself owed Rana Azadivar to Kamal Tabrizi And introduced the Lizard Project.

4- He started his artistic career with the movie Lizard at the age of 20 and immediately stayed at home for a year!

5- After one year Unemployment In 1984, she became the most prolific actress in cinema with 4 films!

6- Saber Abar, Sara Bayat and Narges Mohammadi were also Rana Azadivar’s classmates at Karnameh Institute.

7- Payam Dehkordi, who played the role of Michael Hashemian in the series Gando, and Pantea Panahi, who played the role of Sharbat in the series Shahrzad, were his acting professors at the Karnameh Institute. Interestingly, Ms. Panahiha was the stage secretary and group planner in the cinema in the 80’s, and basically started her acting career in the 90’s!

8- In 1985, he became famous with the film Parkway by Fereydoun Jirani opposite Nima Shahrokh Shahi, with a role that was repeated in his later works.

9- The actor who played the role of Samira in the series Zakhm Kari had previously played the role of Samira once before, in 1993 in the movie Khaneh Dokhtar

10. The subject of The Girl House was so sensitive that it was banned in a government that screened all of its previous banned films, and even after its release Noise More than 40 minutes of the movie were censored on the home network! So that it is impossible for anyone to understand this movie without knowing the story!

11- After Shahrzad, everyone is waiting for Hassan Fathi’s next historical work. Jeeran series in which Rana Azadivar has played

12. For a movie about Ellie Asghar Farhadi Nominated for Best Supporting Actor

13- For the first time in Muhammad, the Messenger of God Majid Majidi He co-starred with Mehdi Pakdel, but the first film he released from these two was The Crossroads of Istanbul by Mostafa Kiai.

14. His marriage to Mehdi Pakdel was covered by Atefeh Razavi in ​​the media, on the contrary Marriage Previous Mr. Pakdel who was on the cover of the media every day!

15. Behnoush Tabatabai, Mehdi Pakdel’s ex-wife, reacted to the news of the couple’s marriage by publishing a story about social justice in Switzerland!

16. Among female actors, she has had the most trouble wearing dress coats and unconventional clothes.

17_ In the music video, the song “Abar” falls Homayoun Shajarian On March 30, 1995, he appeared next to Mehdi Pakdel, who had a romantic theme, and the rumors of the two’s marriage spread from there.

18- Atefeh Razavi – the sister of Behrouz Razavi and the first wife of Mehrdad Shokrabi – is the current wife of Hossein Pakdel who has a daughter named Saba. Mehdi Pakdel also has a daughter from his first marriage

19- The marriage of Mehdi Pakdel and Behnoosh Tabatabai was his second marriage and now his marriage to Rana Azadivar is the third experience of this actor in Cohabitation Is.

20- The little girl in the photos next to Mehdi and Rana is neither the child of this couple nor the child of Mehdi Pakdel and Behnoosh Tabatabai.

21- In the early years of Genesis Cyberspace Dialogues Parviz Parastou’i In the movie Lizard with Rana Azadivar photos, it was one of the most popular posts!

22. He plays nervous and hysterical roles so well that many believe he has the same personality in his daily personal life!

23. The role of Lady Macbeth in the series Wounded Work was so attractive that Mahlagha Bagheri, Javad Ezzati’s wife, insisted on playing it, but Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian refused to accept the request despite Javad Ezzati’s annoyance. Now that the wounding is over, it became clear how correct Mahdavian was about Samira’s role in the wounding, and the actor playing Mahnaz – Nasser’s wife and Maedeh’s mother – was not at all suitable for such a character.

24_ Rana Azadivar’s role as Samira has been so effective that the new officials of the home network announced by naming this character that such an image of an Iranian woman should no longer be presented in the series!

25_ In the first story of the work wound written by Mahmoud Hosseinizad, the role of Samira was not so effective and violent, the character Rana Azadivar brought the path of the story in the direction we see.

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