The most common “ocular” symptoms of coronary heart disease

Mohammad Soleimani, specialist Cornea And faculty member medical University Tehran In an interview with Fars News Agency Health Reporter about “The effect of the virus coronavirus On the eyes »“The most common symptoms that the virus causes in the eyes are symptoms of conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva), which include redness, burning, pain and discharge in the eyes. These symptoms often affect both eyes,” he said.

Referring to the 31st annual congress of the Iranian Ophthalmological Association in the coming days, he said: “Some patients with Covid-19 first develop symptoms of conjunctivitis and then the coronavirus infects these patients; These symptoms usually improve with artificial tear drops and simple antibiotics, and in most cases do not require special eye care.

“Of course, it is possible that coronavirus is present in the secretions of patients with conjunctivitis and can be transmitted to others,” said the corneal specialist. Therefore, people with the virus, especially those suffering from symptoms of conjunctivitis, should avoid touching the eyes and accessories and use personal towels and pillows.

Soleimani added: Covid-19 patients are at risk Herpes Are corneas that this herpes may be caused by taking steroid drugs or immunodeficiency due to the virus itself; Therefore, people with coronavirus can consult an ophthalmologist online if they are in quarantine and suffer from symptoms such as pain and redness in the eyes, or see an ophthalmologist if they develop these symptoms after this period.

Beware of ocular complications of coronavirus

“The coronavirus may block the retinal arteries and lead to vision loss, so people with Covid-19 may also suffer from decreased vision,” he said.

A member of the faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences attributed the fungal disease of the eye socket to a defect in the immune system caused by the virus itself or the use of corticosteroids and reminded: It should be controlled by washing the eyes with baby shampoo and supportive treatments.

“Bloody or black discharge from the nose, decreased vision and protruding eyes are symptoms that are commonly seen in people with severe Covid-19 or those who have been taking corticosteroids for a long time,” Soleimani said.

He stated: Patients with ocular fungus should see a doctor immediately and use antifungal drugs under the supervision of a doctor; In some cases, the discharge and necrotic (dead) tissue caused by the fungus must also be removed from the nose.

This corneal subspecialty noted: This fungus can be transmitted from the nose to the eyeball space. This fungus is present in the environment but only affects those who have a defective immune system.

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