The future Prime Minister of Iraq should have a “neither Eastern nor Western” approach

According to Borna, Sadr wrote in a statement on Twitter that in the framework Law It is fighting corruption, and the next prime minister must take a “neither Eastern nor Western” approach.

In this statement, the leader of the Sadr movement called on all groups and political currents in Iraq to exercise restraint and prefer national interests over personal and group interests to return to power and position. Iraq Try.

He stressed that “we, who in the face of occupation, terrorism And we resisted the normalization of relations with Israel, never putting our hands on anything Citizen “We will not raise an Iraqi.”

So far, according to the Iraqi Independent Election Commission election The country’s parliament, held last Sunday, is led by the Sairun Coalition Muqtada al-Sadr Leading with 70 seats.

«The coalition Government Law “led by former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki 40 seats,” Al-Fatah Coalition “led by” Hadi Al-Amiri “20 seats and the Democratic Party Iraqi Kurdistan Under the leadership of Massoud Barzani, he has won 34 seats.

The results of the counting of votes in the early Iraqi parliamentary elections show that the Shiite currents and the resistance have won the most votes.

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