The era of the golden solidarity between the Shiites and the Sunnis of Golestan will not end with the enemy’s attack in cyberspace / The history of accompanying the IRGC is eternal pride

Mohammad Shahraki in an interview with Fars News Agency in Gorgan said: “Thanks to God’s grace, religious leadership and the support of people consisting of different ethnic groups and strata with a strong weapon of unity, we resisted the enemy and the enemy from the first days of victory of the Islamic Revolution So far, it has realized and is trying to divide and undermine this unity in various ways.

He stated: The people of Islamic Iran, especially Gonbad Kavous in the shadows Faqih He was always vigilant and did not allow the sworn enemies of Islam to carry out their plans.

* The enemy is trying to stop the economic cycle by targeting producers and entrepreneurs

Chairman of the Gonbad Kavous Health Donors Association, referring to the enemy’s various plans to weaken him Islamic Republic System He pointed out: During these years, the enemy has stood face to face on different fronts of our country in order to weaken the Islamic Revolution. These are a few This year, the enemy has used the economic front to put pressure on the Iranian nation, and in this area, it is trying to stop the economic cycle by targeting producers and entrepreneurs.

He spoke about the attack of the enemies in cyberspace against “Sabah Industrial Group”: Sabah Industrial Group was established under the management of Ebrahimi brothers (Haj Sultan Ali, Haj Ahmad and Haj Mahmoud) with the view of entrepreneurship and employment in the region, province and country. Take big steps to minimize the livelihood concerns of families and youth employment, and have an extra-ethnic and trans-regional perspective in selecting their employees.

Shahraki continued: “These issues are clear based on the available documents and evidence, and only by looking and tasting one or more people inside and outside the country and sharing one or more articles on social networks, the widespread value of” Sabah “in this area is lost.” Will not be.

* The history of accompanying the IRGC is not only shameful but also causes eternal pride

The head of the Peace and Reconciliation Branch of the Gonbad Kavous Judiciary Dispute Resolution Council added: It is the command of the General Forces to strive to have and build a prosperous Iran, and it is an eternal pride.

He said: “Yesterday, the defense of the land was on the fronts of the western and southern regions of the country, and today this defense is unbridled against the enemy in the economic front and cyberspace.”

Shahraki pointed out: Due to the history of cooperation with the Dispute Resolution Council for about 18 years are you well I know the extent to which not having a proper job weakens and destroys the foundation Family It has been effective and considering the efforts of “Ebrahimi Brothers” in creating employment in the region, I call them Dastmrizad and Afarin.

He said: “One or more people in cyberspace can not undermine the golden solidarity between Shiites and Sunnis in Gonbad Kavous city and Golestan province, and this agreement and empathy will continue in the direction of fulfilling the good wishes of our country.”
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