Tensions between Western officials around Borjam on the eve of Enrique Mora’s visit to Iran

Tensions escalate over Western officials around Borjam ahead of Enrique Moura’s visit to Iran Other US officials have reiterated their claims.

According to Reuters, after the stances of the US, UAE and Zionist regimes against Iran, several US officials threatened that if Tehran could not return to the nuclear deal, Washington would consider all options.

The unnamed US officials told Reuters that Washington still preferred that all parties, especially Iran, return to fulfilling its commitments and adhering to the nuclear deal.

A Western diplomat said Wednesday evening that the United States and its allies thought that the fastest possible resumption of the Vienna talks was in early October, which did not happen.

According to Reuters, one of the European Troika diplomats, referring to the acceleration of uranium enrichment in Iran to a higher degree of purity, said: Nuclear situation [ایران] It has gotten worse and worse all the time.

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