Seifollahpour: We are waiting for a 3-0 vote in favor of textile equal to independence

Fars Mazandaran News Agency – Sports Service Izad Seifollahpour, CEO of the Textile Club, in an interview with the club’s public relations, about the remarks of Fariborz Mahmoudzadeh, Manager Transfers The league organization stated about the illegal use of foreign players by Esteghlal team in the meeting with Nesaji: As stated by this official, according to the official and confidential letter of the league organization to Esteghlal club on November 13th, they should not meet with us on It was held on November 19th. They used their foreign players illegally.

He said: “The day after the game with Esteghlal, we officially and in writing announced our protest against this issue.”

The CEO of Mazandaran Textile Club pointed out: Due to the obvious violation of Esteghlal Club by the media, I will go to the federation tomorrow to pursue the rights of the Textile Club.

Saifullahpour clarified: According to the law, this meeting must be declared three to zero in favor of textiles.

“It really’s a question for us why,” he said Esteghlal Club Did he ignore the letter of the league organization and send his foreign player to the field in the meeting with us? Or why the league organization did not announce to the textile and independence game supervisor that it would not prevent the presence of a foreign player?

The CEO of Mazandaran Textile Club again protested against discrimination قايل About the spectators entering the stadiums, he said: “In today’s match between Esteghlal and Golgohar, the league organization informed the match observer to prevent the presence of a foreign player, but in a meeting with Nasajee, who also corresponded with Esteghlal 6 days before the match, but prevented It did not work.

Saifullahpour, while protesting against the discrimination of the league organization towards the Premier League teams against Esteghlal and Persepolis, said: “We are waiting for the federation’s vote and the announcement of a 3-0 result in favor of the textile club.” This issue, as big as the media, should not need to be pursued by us at all. The federation must announce its decision on the meeting as soon as possible and deal with the perpetrators.

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