Free World - September 14, 2021

Regram @antonioguterres: I have visited #Afghanistan many times over many year…

Regram @antonioguterres:

I have visited many times over many years of conflict.

These trips were full of horror, misery and grief. But they were also marked by the hope, faith and determination of the Afghan people I met.

They want extreme poverty to be eradicated. They want decent jobs. They want their lives and basic freedoms to be protected. They want their country free of insecurity and terror.

They want what every one of us wants and deserves. We need to invest in that hope and promise.

I’m grateful for the generous contributions made in support of our humanitarian work in Afghanistan. I urge the international community to keep supporting these efforts and help protect the progress made over 20 years.

We can’t let down the people of Afghanistan.

Regram: @antonioguterres | 📷: UN Photo / Violaine Martin


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