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Arguing with my wife rarely ends well – but at least it’s something to do | Romesh Ranganathan

A conflict over what time I was going to work one morning sparked a row that, as usual, I later realised was my fault

The end of lockdown could not come soon enough for the Ranganathans. We have moved into the realm of actively hunting for things to argue about, just to feel something. After long, mute days, we prowl the house, looking for any kind of perceived injustice as an excuse for a row. The other day we fell into a disagreement which would be so pathetic to explain to somebody that I have decided it makes perfect material for public consumption.

I was due to go to work. This is normally a cause for absolute joy in the house; for one thing, it means my wife gets a break from me; for another, there is a fighting chance I will have some anecdotes that aren’t based on my last trip to the fridge.

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