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Tim Dowling: everyone’s life is moving on. Shall I start a podcast?

My oldest son got a new job. The youngest graduated. My wife started a new business... I’ve got a half-completed mosaic tabletop

This time last year I was walking out to my office shed every morning to check on my seedlings and wondering why there were somehow fewer than the night before. That’s also what I did yesterday, and today. When people spoke of life finally returning to normal, I suppose I always suspected the changes might not apply to me.

I would be more excited about lockdown easing if I had something to show for my prolonged confinement. My oldest son got a new job. The youngest graduated from university. The middle one spent the year working in America. At the start of the first lockdown, my wife complained about there being nothing on TV for four weeks, and then started a new business. I’ve got a half-completed mosaic tabletop, and some missing plants.

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