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Don’t chuck it! From peelings to seeds, six ways to use more of your veg

There’s plenty of nutrition lurking in your compost bin. Follow these expert tips on how to prepare the bits of veg you usually throw away

Carrot tops, veg peelings, tough stalks … while we occasionally toss these gnarly vegetable ends into a stock pot, more often than not they’re thrown away. But these overlooked scraps can in fact be full of goodness, so how do we save them from the bin and turn them into something delicious?

“At a time when we’re all trying to protect our immune systems and reduce waste, we should be considering using as much of our food as possible,” says nutritional therapist Catherine Faraday. “The more commonly discarded parts of veg, such as peels, pomace, rind and seeds, can be rich sources of fibre, beneficial oils, polyphenols, vitamins, carotenoids and enzymes. So it might be prudent to consider other uses for the parts of fruits and vegetables we tend to throw away.”

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