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Prince Charles’s model village architecture? Give me brutalism any day | Hannah Jane Parkinson

There is a large cohort of people who despise the look, but I am a broad church when it comes to architecture

Architecture is a divisive subject, an area in which people’s tastes are stubborn and admirers argue passionately for their favourite styles. Prince Charles, for instance, maintains a keen interest in the subject, which has resulted in the creation of his own personal project: the town of Poundbury, on land he owns in Dorset. This is particularly tragic because Prince Charles has the worst taste in architecture known to man. Poundbury is billed as “traditionalist’ but it rather resembles a model village, or miniature golf course.

I am a broad church when it comes to architecture. I adore the sash windows, floorboards, tiles and stained glass of Victorian terraces. I am in awe of Augustus Pugin’s gothic revivalism, the best example of which is surely his contribution to the Palace of Westminster. I’m all for a handsome, Georgian country seat. I’m into the exposed brickwork and plumbing of converted factories in New York and Berlin. I’m a big fan of the swoops and curves of the late Zaha Hadid; the glass expanses of Richard Rogers.

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