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Hear me out: why Tomorrowland isn’t a bad movie

The latest in our series of writers sticking up for maligned films is a defence of Brad Bird’s imaginative sci-fi adventure with George Clooney

In October 1998, a blisteringly loud Swedish hardcore band called Refused released an album titled The Shape Of Punk To Come. Full of screamed call-to-arms lyrics, it was a brilliant, brink-of-the-millennium manifesto for what tomorrow could look like, imagining not just the strides the punk genre might soon take, but the ones society might be capable of, with a little resolve, a little invention (and OK, fine, yes, a little overthrowing of capitalism, too). It quickly became tinged with tragedy: within a year of its release, punk experienced a major mainstream moment, with frat-party pop mutators of the genre such as Blink-182 taking over MTV. The shape of punk to come, as Refused predicted it, never came to pass, meaning today it exists as a glimpse into what could have been.

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