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Accused of Murdering Our Son: The Steven Clark Story review – a bizarre yet gripping mystery

ITV’s one-off follows an elderly couple accused of killing their son 28 years ago, but their own behaviour proves more intriguing than the evidence around the case

There are three main ways to talk about murder: from the victim’s point of view, from the perpetrator’s and from the investigator’s. What you rarely get, for reasons practical and legal, is a true-crime story like the one at the heart of this ITV one-off. It centres on a couple under investigation for – but not charged with – this most serious offence.

In September 2020, Charles and Doris Clark were arrested on suspicion of the murder of their son, Steven Clark, who had been reported missing 28 years earlier. According to Doris, the then 23-year-old Steven went into a public toilet while on a coastal walk near their home in the small fishing village of Marske, in North Yorkshire, and was never seen again.

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