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European Super League: updates after Premier League clubs withdraw – live!

Aleksander Ceferin talked tough when the Super League plans were first mooted but the Uefa chief has struck a conciliatory tone following the unravelling of the breakaway competition.

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin, who called some representatives of the 12 breakaway Super League clubs ‘snakes and liars’ on Monday, welcomes them back in the fold. Doesn’t appear Uefa will punish or seek to curb their power pic.twitter.com/Mtj9h3nxc4

As with Barney’s column, there’s a theme amongst the correspondence I’m receiving that this moment must be seized by the football community, not only to prevent a similar hijacking unfolding in the future, but also to harness the momentum this episode has provoked to make necessary reforms.

For example: “What a wonderful victory for the fans,” emails Mary Waltz. “But you can’t let up, the government must pass laws to make sure this never happens. The Glazers, Kroenke etc will never give up their dream of an NFL style franchise system. These people are not used to not getting their way. They will eventually try again unless the law stops them.”

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