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Power grab in a pandemic: how absence of fans gave greedy owners their chance | Barney Ronay

The European Super League shows that football club owners don’t care about suppporters, even more so after a year when they realised they can exist on TV income alone

Selling England by the pound, part 94. The European Super League may be many things: a structural inevitability, an exciting new format, a great sweating orgy of gullet-cramming avarice. But it can hardly come as a surprise. In reality this is football’s latest piece of mimesis, another moment where this grand, endlessly mucked-about piece of public theatre mirrors and reflects the world around it.

Greed is good. Greed will make your market work. This may all be true. But another thing about greed is it has no off switch or end point. The grabbing hands will grab all they can – and then raise their eyes in search of a little more. Welcome to us: 2021.

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