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Nightclubs to reopen in July, says French health minister, as Covid-19 cases fall quicker than expected

The French minister of health has vowed to reopen nightclubs in July but insisted there would be specific requirements as the country recovers from a severe third wave of Covid-19.

Speaking on Thursday to France’s BFMTV, Health Minister Olivier Veran said they would allow nightclubs to reopen for the first time since the first Covid-19 lockdown was ordered in March 2020. 

“In July, nightclubs are expected to reopen with specific requirements”, Veran stated but gave no specific date and failed to elaborate on what would be required of the industry.

According to hospitality trade union UMIH, more than 100 of France's 1,600 nightclubs have closed permanently since the start of the pandemic.

Thierry Fontaine, president of UMIH Nuit told BFMTV that if nightclubs are turned into high-security districts then nobody is going to go to them. The young people “will continue to go to private parties, wild gatherings, where the places are not suitable,” Fontaine stated. He added that they were in discussions with Veran’s office about how the reopening would look. 

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France has made incremental moves out of lockdown following a severe third wave of Covid-19. On May 19, the government allowed for restaurant terraces to reopen and last week this was followed by the reopening of indoor service for the first time in seven months.

On Wednesday, the government said a night-time curfew would end on June 20 as case numbers were falling quicker than expected.

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