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After a year of Covid, a behaviour crackdown is an insult to England's children | Carolyne Willow

Gavin Williamson’s plan to create ‘behaviour hubs’ for schools is as dispiriting as it is predictable and unimaginative

Having worked in children’s policy for more than two decades, I found the government call this week for a crackdown on behaviour in schools as heart-sinking as it was predictable and unimaginative. The education secretary, Gavin Williamson, praised the “tremendous success” of remote learning during the pandemic but then warned that “the lack of regular structure and discipline will have inevitably had an effect on their behaviour”.

His solution? A series of so-called behaviour hubs intended to spread methods among schools and teachers, but underpinned by a philosophy of coercion and control. This signals a government disconnected from children and a lamentable lack of understanding of what helps human beings thrive, as individuals and together.

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