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As the UK inches towards normality, those with long Covid must not be forgotten | Frances Ryan

The impact of this condition is already being felt, not just by sufferers – many of them young – but society as a whole

From the vaccine rollout to the reopening of pubs, this stage of the pandemic could be characterised as the hope of a return to normal. I can’t help but think of one group who are struggling with that: the estimated 1.1 million people in the UK who, according to the ONS, have been suffering from long Covid recently.

Long Covid is defined as experiencing symptoms four weeks or more after first getting coronavirus. It’s important to stress that not everyone who experiences long Covid will go on to have long-term chronic illness, but almost 700,000 people said that their symptoms were adversely affecting their day-to-day activities, and 70,000 people have had it for at least a year.

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