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Porn website CamSoda extends ‘lucrative offer’ to Tito Ortiz for 2-on-1 MMA battle

TIto Oritz, the now former Mayor Pro Tem of Huntington Beach in California, is free to seek new career opportunities but it remains to be seen if the former UFC champ will sign up to the unique offer presented to him by CamSoda.

Ortiz, 46, announced his departure from his neophyte political career this week, telling Huntington Beach city council that he was stepping away from his position after fearing for the safety of his children amid haranguing on social media regarding his performance - and even competency - for the position he held. 

The die-hard supporter of Donald Trump had pledged to help run the city in the image of his idol but opted to step away, telling councillors that the "job isn't working for me" while announcing his resignation. 

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Tito Ortiz announced he was stepping down from his role in California. © Getty Images via AFP
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But if the former mixed martial arts star is looking for a new revenue stream he might not have long to wait after he was immediately approached by x-rated website CamSoda to appear on their forthcoming fight card in Thailand dubbed 'CamSoda’s Fight Circus Vol. 3'.

The company's vice-president Daryn Parker explained the proposal in an open letter to Ortiz online, saying that he would even allow Ortiz the opportunity to select the two brothers that he would have to fight.

"Dear Mr. Tito 'The Huntington Beach Bad Boy' Ortiz," the letter began.

"I saw the news that you resigned from your position on the City Council of Huntington Beach, California. It’s a shame to see, considering how much potential your political career had. #Tito2024 had a nice ring to it.

"Anyway, with more time on your hands now, I wanted to reach out and extend a lucrative offer. Considering your illustrious run as UFC light heavyweight champion, I’d love for you step back in the ring and participate in CamSoda’s Fight Circus Vol. 3 set to take place on June 19 in Thailand.

"The card includes a Muay Thai bout taking place inside a phone booth, a 2-on-1 MMA battle between a UFC veteran and two inexperienced brothers, and more.

"My offer is this: I’d be willing to pay you up to $100,000 to participate in our MMA event on June 19 in a 2 vs. 1 fight. You can hand pick your opponents.

"What do you say? Take some time to consider my offer and get back to me ASAP.

"We’d love for you to be the feature bout.

"Sincerely, Daryn Parker - Vice President of CamSoda."

At the time of writing Ortiz has yet to publicly respond to CamSoda's offer but who among us can truthfully say that they wouldn't watch the former UFC star taking on a pair of inexperienced brothers in a fight in Thailand? Come to think of it, the Muay Thai fight inside of a phone booth sounds quite fun, too.

Ortiz hasn't competed in the cage since a December 2019 win against former WWE wrestler Alberto El Patron. Prior to that Ortiz bested former rival Chuck Liddell by first round KO and earned a submission win against multiple time UFC title contender Chael Sonnen.

In fact, Ortiz has been defeated just once in the past nine years winning five of his six fights during that time.

And if he did somehow agree to CamSoda's request to fight a pair of brothers, would it represent two wins on his record or just one?Somehow, we suspect that this is a question that will go unanswered. 

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