New conditions for the Ministry of Health to approve foreign universities

According to reports EconomyOnline According to ISNA, the Ministry of Health has announced that the list of foreign universities approved by the Ministry in fields related to medical sciences is valid for two years.

The Educational Services Center of the Ministry of Health also emphasized; With the expert examinations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and following the approval of the High Evaluation Council, the validity of the approved universities is announced as “two years”, so the approved universities abroad for the academic year 2022-2021, for the year Academic year 2023-2022 are also valid in fields related to medical sciences.

Accordingly, from the academic year 2022-2021 onwards, the time of commencement of study in the main course is the criterion for the university to be approved (criteria for commencement of study, date of valid visa, date of departure from the country and date of attendance and participation in classes The main course is in accordance with the academic year program of the respective university). Also, the colleges affiliated with the main university mentioned in the list and its branches in other countries are not approved and the certificates issued by them cannot be evaluated.

Applicants for study abroad can view the list of universities approved by the Ministry of Health here. The list includes 907 universities from 60 foreign countries.

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