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According to the online news agency; even though Iran National Football Team In terms of points, he has scored 10 points from four matches and is in good condition in the Group A qualifying table of the World Cup, but he has kept many technical problems in the team dissatisfied. In fact, some experts believe that these results should not cover the weaknesses of the national team.

Javad Nekounam, the former captain of the national team, who is now considered one of the coaches of Iranian football, said about the technical conditions of the national team, especially in the game against South Korea: Get it. Tactical weakness is seen in the team. We did not play good tactical football against Korea. We have to work on this issue, but in terms of the creativity of the people, I dare say that we are the best team in Asia, and no team currently has as good a nut as us. But a series of weaknesses are killed by the team’s famous pieces, for example, Tarmi came back to take the ball from the defenders, and this means that the team is not in order.

But another problem of the game against South Korea is the substitutions Dragan Skucic Was. Substitutions that some believe could have been made sooner or players like Qudus could have come on. Nekounam believes that changing the mind is the head coach and he knows better than anyone else what team his team needs and change.

One of the things that is said about the Skochich national team is that the best generation in Iran is grouped with teams that do not have good conditions. Iraq and South Korea, which have claimed in recent years that they are not doing well at this stage of the competition, have performed less than expected.

Asked if Iran could easily qualify for the World Cup for the first time, he said: “Iraq, Syria, the UAE and Lebanon are having one of their weakest football seasons, and I think South Korea is one of them.” He is going through his weakest football period. At one time, this team had 18 legionnaires and there were fewer domestic players in the team, but now we see that 5.6 players from the South Korean league are in the main team. In my opinion, this team does not play football at a good level and has become weaker than before.

At the moment of scoring South Korea’s goal, which was deep on the pass, Iran’s defense, Sadegh Moharremi, worked poorly and Alireza Biranvand did not react so that Iran would fall one goal behind in the early second half. Although many blame Muharrami and Biranvand for this goal, the former captain of the Iranian national football team believes that when a team receives a goal, everyone scores, and if they do, everyone scores.

Javad Nekounam, who also has a history of scoring against South Korea, says that the team tried not to lose the match because of its statistics against Iran. He said about the goal of South Korea and Iran: “The Koreans had difficult conditions and when they realized they could be dangerous, they dared to attack, but they had a weak defense and worked clumsily.” We really have to regret why we could not win the fourth win.

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