Minister of Health: People must inject Corona vaccine | People should not

People should not think that it is enough to get the corona vaccine, but that the vaccine reduces the severity of the disease and mortality, but may not prevent people from getting the corona.

– According to the Qatreh website and quoting the figures; The Minister of Health said: “We emphasize to the people that they must inject the Corona vaccine and now is the time to inject the vaccine.”

We ask people not to be normal and not to forget the hygiene practices, especially the use of masks and keeping a distance.

Bahram Ainollahi, who has traveled to the southern cities of Fars as a representative of the government, said on the sidelines of a visit to Imam Reza (AS) Hospital in Larestan: Reduces illness and mortality but may not prevent people from developing coronary heart disease.

The Minister of Health pointed out: The provincial trips of the government are made every week and I traveled to the south of Fars on behalf of the government to observe, summarize the problems and issues of this region and to raise them in the meeting of the administrative council of the province.

He added: “In Larestan, one of the most important points is the help of charities in all areas, especially in the field of health, for which we thank them.”

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