Methadone therapy is declining in prisons

According to Fars News Agency, Seyed Abdullah Mortazavi, Deputy Minister of Health, Correction and Training of the Prisons Organization, added at the meeting of the general managers of the country’s provincial prisons:

Referring to the issue of employment in prisons, he reminded: during this period, special attention has been paid to employment, but field visits should also be matched with evaluation meters and announced statistics; Error percentage should be reduced. Our policy in prisons is to provide vocational training for the post-release period so that we do not witness the re-entry of a prisoner with a repeat offender.

Mortazavi added: “By empowering the employment of clients and also paying special attention to care centers after leaving, we should prevent prisoners from re-entering prison.” It is true that the coronavirus in prisons has changed the field of employment, but with nationwide vaccination in prisons, employment can be taken seriously again.

Referring to the health programs in prisons, he said: “In the field of health, several programs have been set up, one of which is the treatment of clients’ addiction; I emphasize that mutations in methadone therapy in prisons must be controlled. It is true that we face a lack of budget, but we know that everyday life is one of the causes of this problem.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Correction and Education of the Prisons Organization said: “Cultural programs are another approach of ours, some of which have been fully provided to the provinces.”

The national conference of the general managers of the country’s prisons was held on the fourth Thursday of Azar 1400 with the presence of the head of the prisons organization and other staff and provincial managers.

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