Italian media warns Mourinho: Beware of his fisherman

Warning to Mourinho about his catcher

An Italian media outlet has warned Jose Mourinho and the Roma team to be very careful in tonight’s match against Zorya Luhansk.

Iran Football News Agency ParsFootball.com:

Club fan website Rome Italy In a statement, he warned the defenders of this team to be careful in tonight’s game اللهیار صيادمنش To be.

According to Pars Football, the fifth round of the group stage European Conference League Will be held tonight. In one of these matches, the Roma team will host the Olympic Stadium Zorya Luhansk Is. The confrontation between two Iranian players, namely Allahyar Sayadmanesh and Shahab Zahedi, with the stars of Rome, and at the top of them, the head coach of Belarus, namely Jose Mourinho Will also be interesting in its kind.

The romanews website reported on this in an article:

Chris Smalling can wear the Rome shirt again after about 2 months. So he can get over the nightmare of the injuries he has actually suffered since joining Rome.

The former Manchester United player was unable to stay in the squad due to regular absences, but from now on he has the opportunity to return to his roots and take on the role of leader of the defensive line. Belarus has never lost in the Conference League and to maintain its authority, Smalling and his teammates have a duty to neutralize the opponent’s offensive line, and for this they must start with Al-Lahiar Sayadmanesh.

Mourinho stressed in a pre-match press conference that Zorya has a dynamic and youthful spirit both in the staff and among the players, and that the players of this team have been analyzed and examined, and that Belarus may face a potential danger. The central point of which is Allahyar Sayadmanesh.

He is an Iranian player born in 2001. Sayadmanesh has scored 2 goals in 4 matches in the Conference League so far and is currently the top scorer of Zorya Luhansk with 6 goals in the Ukrainian League and 8 goals in total. He also gave 4 assists to his teammates and is considered the best passer of this team.

The 20-year-old Fenerbahce player is a central striker, but he is actually a versatile player because he can be used as a right or left winger. He played in the game against Roma, but in the second half, in a tough game for the Ukrainians, he left the field and could not score. Given that Zorya is one point behind Mourinho’s students, the hunter will try again tonight and will do his best to shine on the field for his team.

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