Interview with a veteran of ritual music in Il Bang

According to Borna; On the occasion of the martyrdom of Imam Hassan Askari (as), Radio Farhang in Ilbang Music Magazine, on Friday, October 14th, together with Abolfazl Mirza Ahmadi, a pioneer in reciting taziyeh and similitude recitation in our country, examined the ritual songs and Music Funeral.

Professor Sadegh Cheraghi, the composer and expert presenter of this program, said about why Il-Bang pays attention to religious songs: Indicator It has more tangible sounds and based on this, we are going to examine a part of this style of music.

He added: “An interview with Professor Abolfazl Mirza Ahmadi is a great opportunity to talk about the role of taziyeh music and simile plays;” With more than half a century of his efforts and endeavors in many religious art festivals and gatherings inside and outside the country, Master Mirza Ahmadi has performed taziyeh and similitude and is a well-known and well-known artist in this ritual art.

Also in this program, the master “Amir Madah”, a veteran in the ritual of singing, is another guest of the program that performs the ritual of singing for the listeners of Farhang Radio.

The effort and preoccupation of this collection of music programs of Radio Farhang is dealing with and delaying in Iranian music. In this collection of music programs, reviewing songs and melodies of Iranian music and talking and reporting about music artists and the activities of these esteemed people are the main topics.

“Il Bang” program produced and performed by Majid Mirzaei Masters Sadegh Cheraghi, will be broadcast on Farhang Radio on Friday at 19:30 for 30 minutes on the 106 MHz FM band.

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