Implementation of the “Paper Shake House” project in Rasht with the aim of meeting the needs of education

According to the Borna news agency from Gilan; Ali Fathollahi today in the meeting of the Education Council of Rasht city, stating that education should be given priority to all agencies according to its importance and target community, said: Executive agencies should see education differently in their planning program. And show the type of thoughts and attention they pay to education in their behavior and performance.

The governor of Rasht city, stating that even in administrative behavior, we should see respect for culture differently, added: “We are all responsible officials of cultured people and teachers, and we should be grateful for their efforts.”
The head of the Education Council of Rasht city, pointing out that the issuance of school ownership documents is very important, said: it is necessary to pursue the issuance of school ownership documents and the process of obtaining this document should be extended.
Referring to the use of waste paper in the form of the “Paper Shake House” project, Fathullah said: “We can use waste paper in an optimal direction and in this way even encourage students to participate in a spiritual project; The purpose of this project is to collect waste paper from offices, schools and homes and use it to meet the needs of education.
He continued: “Every day, maybe tens of tons of waste paper are buried along with other wastes without separation, while they can be used to implement the optimal idea. »Invite.

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