Harvesting of heavenly rubies from the gardens of Namhil Khalkhal / Thanksgiving harvesting of red pomegranate clusters

Fars News Agency – Ardabil | Seyed Mostafa Moradkhani: In the south of Ardabil province, in the foothills of Aghdagh mountains, next to the beautiful and roaring Ghezel Ozan river, these days, red and heavenly pomegranates are harvested.

We started the journey to prepare this report of Khalkhal pomegranate rubies from a place where, despite the snow on the slopes of Ajam, the autumn tunic covers the road from Khalkhal to Hashjin to Namhail village and shows the beautiful autumn leaves with a thousand colors, beautiful autumn. Has laid.

But after passing the 65 km route to Namhil village and passing through the mountain gorge of Namhil village, we watched the spring effect in autumn along the Ghezel Ozan river. Stunning greenery that seems to have not experienced the autumn wind.

Yes, Khalkhal city has exhibited 4 seasons of nature; In areas of snow and cold and a few kilometers away, the greenery and spring weather show the greatness of God Almighty.

Namhail village of Khalkhal city, a subtropical village that has everything from the most modern spring fruits to autumn fruits; Now is the harvest season for pomegranate, a delicious and heavenly fruit that has created hope for work, effort and life in this village.

In this season, passing through every alley of the village garden, the hanging pomegranate fruit stems with eye-catching redness are the ornaments of the gardens.

The residents of Namhil village, although it had low rainfall in summer, but thanks to the white snowflakes of Aghdagh peak and the roaring rivers around, after months of waiting, they started harvesting pomegranate fruit.

Pomegranate harvest In the form of Family by the residents of Namhil, Sajhrud, Brandagh, Chenarlagh and Jafarabad villages With the first days of autumn, Namhil farmers start working in the refined gardens of Beheshti village of Namhil.

Even gardeners guard the orchards at night to protect the fruit from the attack of wild animals such as goats until the harvest season is over.

We went to Namhili gardeners and the hospitable people of this village; At the entrance of the village, Mr. Akbari, one of the great gardeners of Namhil village, which has several hectares of pomegranate orchards, spoke about the problems of water shortage and thanked the mercy and blessings of God Almighty.

Akbari said: our job Generation after generation has been gardening and pomegranate production and we have been acquainted with these gardens and trees for many years.

Akbari in describing Namhil village of Khalkhal city says: from the first days of spring to the last days of autumn in this village, from tree fruits to peanut and walnut harvest, gardeners continue their activities and wherever there is a novelty in the market, Namhil village has a share of novelties in the fruit market. At the provincial level.

Qabaei, a member of the Islamic Council of Namhil village, while thanking Hazrat Haq for these divine blessings and blessings, said: “Praise be to God, this year is a product.” are you well Despite the lack of water, it was harvested by the locals. autumn It is a new beginning for the extensive activity of gardeners and with the support of Khalkhal County Agricultural Jihad, the development of orchards with pressurized irrigation for orchards and the avoidance of submerged irrigation is witnessing a decrease in water consumption and an increase in crops.

Inside the orchards, the weight of the pomegranate branches, this heavenly blessing, had given a special beauty to the orchards, and passing through the fruitful pomegranate trees requires special care so that the branches do not become fruitful and productive.

According to the villagers, Namhil pomegranate is produced in three types: Shah Bar, Tarom seed pomegranate and red pomegranate, each of which has its own buyers in the market depending on its type of consumption.

But harvesting large pomegranate fruits weighing 600 to 800 was surprising. The women of Namhili village are not unemployed these days and in addition to helping to harvest the pomegranate crop, they also cook pomegranate pickles, lavashka and pomegranate paste.
But the question that comes to mind is the sweetness and good taste of Namahil pomegranate compared to pomegranates from other regions; The answer can be found in the roaring sound of the Ghezel Ozan River and the irrigation with the fresh water springs of this river.

300 tons of pomegranates are harvested from the gardens of Khalkhal city

Mohammad Shadkhater, the head of Jihad Keshavarzi in Khalkhal city, while visiting the pomegranate harvesting operation in Namhil village, said: This year, more than 300 tons of pomegranates will be harvested from the gardens of Namhil village.

He added: Chenarlagh, Jafarabad, Barandagh, Kemar and Namhil villages harvest more than 12 tons of pomegranate per hectare and the marketability of this pomegranate is more than other types in different parts of the country and in different parts of the country Khalkhal pomegranate is famous. Has found special.

The head of Jihad Keshavarzi of Khalkhal city stated: by managing and using the quality and durability of this pomegranate, good steps can be taken in the category of conversion product. Most of the jobs are in the village of Namhili.

Shadkhater said: It is recommended; Due to the trend of water shortage and maintaining caution for irrigating gardens in dry and low rainy seasons, gardeners must make the most of gardens by using the opinions of agricultural jihad experts and using new patterns of irrigation and low pressure.

According to the Fars news agency from Ardabil, from sunrise to the pleasant autumn sunset, we witnessed the efforts of the residents of Namhail village and transporting pomegranates from the orchards to the main square of the village and offering them to the market.

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