Haj Sosfi on the path of Dejagah and Shojaee

According to reports Berna; It seems to be in a fixed composition National team Football is not a place for Ehsan Haj Safi. Of course, Ehsan is still old Retirement He has not arrived, but he seems to be on the same path as before Masoud Shojaei And Ashkan Dejagah was gone.

Shojaei and Dejagah were not invited to the national team by Skocic, and now Haj Safi, who is invited, either does not play or is less included in the national team. Of course, Ehsan is a technical player, but anyway the traffic The good players in the midfield of the national team have caused him to sit on the bench, and Skocic does not use this player in the left-back position, where even Amiri Play He gives but does not send Haj Safi to the field.

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