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Learning new things makes a person strong and young !

Sometimes you come to the conclusion that there is no hope!

Every day at 13:00 I remember who I am!

No matter what time of day it is, you can always learn something new. Whether it's learning a new skill, developing a better understanding of a subject, or even just trying a new hobby, it's important to stay curious and make room for continuous learning.

Being active is different from being awake .

I am extremely sad from the hand of God, immeasurably, as much as my whole life

There is an endless ache and craziness inside me.

Disappointment and repetition are worse than anything

In prison, some people say that you should enjoy the game! But the dangerous place is to enjoy the game! If prison gives pain and patience to a person, then he is a workaholic He does not do things that lead to prison, except when honor is at stake! Long live freedom! Long live human rights! Long live a hassle-free life!

Now from me ! . #Farshid #freedom #prison_hospital #Iran #Denmark

You should not always write everything from scratch, sometimes you should use the experiences of others!


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