Details of the new household gas tariff

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting the Journalists’ Club, Normousavi, Director of Gas Supply of the National Gas Company, stated: We should consider the welfare of the country with normal consumption as free. According to the new decision of the Council of Ministers regarding the gas tariff for the domestic sector, a 12-step table has been set for the gas tariff, the first three steps of which are without tariff change, and from steps 4 to 12, each step adds 40% to the gas prices.

He said in the news network: in the first step, if the polytheists are members of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee and the Welfare Organization, their gas tariff will be free and the gas tariff of the other subscribers will be unchanged.

Normousavi stated: in the twelfth step, the amount of each cubic meter of gas has reached 1995 tomans, which is about 4 times different from the first step, which is 483 tomans.

He continued: “We have 5 climates in the country, based on which in climate one, which is the coldest region of the country, the conditions are considered easier.”

Normousavi stated: in climate one, the subscribers consume up to 500 cubic meters without changing the gas tariff. Gas tariffs will remain unchanged in the climate of 2 to 450 cubic meters and in the climate of 3 to 400 cubic meters.

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