Debtor finger amputated by creditor man Creditor revenge with a knife

The vengeful creditor attacked the debtor with a knife and cut off his thumb.

– According to the Qatreh website and quoted by ILNA, a few days ago, a report of a bloody clash was reported to the Tehran police and the officers went to the scene of the clash.

According to eyewitnesses, the occupants of a Peugeot 206, two young boys, attacked a boy and seriously injured him.

The injured boy, whose thumb was amputated, was taken to the hospital, and his mother went to the police station to file a complaint against the assailants.

“My son was crossing the street to return home, but suddenly two people in a Peugeot attacked him,” he said.

They broke my son’s nose and cut off his finger with a knife.

That is why I am complaining about the assailants and my request is that they be punished.

Following this complaint, the case was brought before Judge Mostafa Vahedi, Tehran’s criminal investigator.

At his behest, a group of officers began their investigation, and it was not long before the owner of the Peugeot car was identified and arrested.

During interrogations, he described the bloody conflict in more detail, saying: “I have no role in beating the plaintiff and my friend attacked him.”

He continued: The story was that on the night of the incident, my friend named Vahid and I were returning from a party when we accidentally saw the plaintiff on the street.

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