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According to the analytical news site Contemporary thought, After 5 consecutive reductions, Dollar market Entered the resting phase. On Wednesday, the American banknote recorded a growth of 100 Tomans and reached the price of 27 thousand and 200 Tomans. This increase took place while in some periods, the dollar had fluctuated even below 27,000 tomans. According to the activists, yesterday the traders tried to maintain the support of 27,000 Tomans and in this way, reduce the pressure of the reducing forces. Bank exchanges also did not lower the selling price of the dollar yesterday. On Tuesday, the bank exchange offices reduced the selling price of the dollar by 300 tomans and set it in the range of 26,700 tomans. On Wednesday, bank exchange offices sold at the same price of 26,700 tomans the previous day. From the point of view of some activists, this meant that the market maker was looking for a managed fall in the price of the dollar and was trying to prevent the emotional fluctuations in the market from intensifying. According to some analysts, if the US banknote was declining rapidly, the probability of rapid price returns would also increase. In fact, many expected to impose heavy fluctuations on the dollar with heavy purchases at lower levels, but that chance was taken away from them, at least on Wednesday.

A group of traders who believe that the market is under the control of the market maker believe that the increase in the price of the dollar on Wednesday was temporary. They expect US banknotes to decline again as the nuclear talks begin. In contrast, another group of activists believe that the price of the dollar has been declining in recent days due to non-fundamental variables, and that the dollar has returned to an upward trajectory as the news climate has eased. From their point of view, the dollar is trying to move to the level of 27 thousand and 500 tomans in the next days in the first stage.

Technical traders look to the future of the dollar

According to technical analysts, in the coming days, a support point and two resistance points will determine the future of the American banknote. From their point of view, if the American banknote goes under the protection of 26,800 Tomans, the amount of sales in the domestic foreign exchange market will increase significantly. In the face of the defeat of the two resistances, 27 thousand and 500 and 27 thousand and 750 tomans can cause buyers to enter the market with more courage. Of course, a group of traders prefer not to buy or sell in order to determine the task of the nuclear negotiations, and this factor has caused the level of transactions in the foreign exchange market to decrease to some extent.

70,000 Toman increase in coins

On the fifth day of the week, the downtrend in the coin market stopped and buyers became active in the market. On Wednesday, under the influence of buyers’ strength, the domestic precious metal increased by 70,000 Tomans and reached the price of 11 million and 720 thousand Tomans. Apart from the increase in the price of the dollar, ounces of gold had an upward trend in the world markets until 3 pm yesterday, and even entered the range of $ 1,770. This was another variable that increased demand in the domestic precious metal market. The Emami coin had entered a downward phase since last Wednesday and had lost its value of nearly 600,000 Tomans in 5 working days. Despite the increase in price on Wednesday, a number of coin players believe that in order to strengthen the upward expectations, it is necessary for the coin to penetrate above the range of 11 million and 800 thousand tomans.

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