China’s readiness to work with Iran to counter unilateralism

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Yi referred to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Beijing and said: “Ibrahim Raisi and Xi Jinping, the presidents of Iran and China, have a very good strategic interaction with each other and this path deepens relations between the two.” Draws the country. China appreciates Iran’s support for the Global Development Initiative and is ready to work with Tehran to implement a comprehensive cooperation program and strive for new achievements in the Iran-China strategic partnership.

He added: “The Chinese government has decided to donate another series of vaccines (corona) to Iran to show its friendship with Iran.”

The Chinese Foreign Minister also stated that the purpose of the “Summit for Democracy” proposed by the United States was to create divisions in the world under the banner of democracy, to provoke the (Eastern) bloc to confront through ideological lines and to try to implement the American style in To change other independent countries to meet the strategic needs of the United States. This practice is against the current trend in the world and is doomed to failure.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry further said that the two sides had discussed the resumption of the Vienna talks in their consultations on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program, and Wang Yi noted that the return of the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan to its original path would open new opportunities for It will exist and it will face many challenges.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced yesterday that senior diplomats from Iran and the People’s Republic of China exchanged views in an online conversation on expanding bilateral relations, developments in Afghanistan and the UN Security Council to lift illegal US sanctions against the Iranian people.

In this interview, our Foreign Minister expressed his satisfaction with the positive developments in the relations between the two countries in recent months, saying: “The necessary arrangements have been made for the implementation of the two countries’ economic agreements and the details will be provided to the Chinese at the earliest opportunity.”

Amir Abdullahian also condemned the US regime’s interference in China’s internal affairs under various pretexts and its efforts to politicize sports, including barring Iranian sports teams from accessing financial resources and threatening not to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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