Billions of actors ‘salary difference! / Do you know how actors’ salaries are calculated?

about Salary Cast There are different comments but a lot of speculation Society This only applies to some actors.

One of the points that is definitely effective in the brilliance, charm and appeal of any play (theater, cinema and television) and of course the producers and of course these days TV managers, platforms and even owners movies Based on that, the important factor in producing their work is the showcase or the presence of the actors of that work. However, the actor is seen as the top of the pyramid of an effect plays an important role in the success and success of the public. Obviously, with this definition of producers in cinema to attract more audiences, producers in Television To see the effect and even Competition With another TV networks And of course, producers and owners of works on platforms who are experiencing business events these days to compete with each other, which is important and effective in attracting and retaining the audience until the end of the work on platforms, go to actors who can carry the main burden. Take on the task of attracting the audience.

So the fact is that the actors are the most important and effective members of a work, despite the fact that in the production of a play important categories such as directing, photography, decor and stage, makeup design, etc. are involved, but there are actors who according to Depending on their weight, popularity, and, of course, ability and talent, they have the highest salaries.

The question that often arises for many ordinary people in society is whether astronomical wages are for all actors.

Can all actors receive high salaries?

Is the monthly salary of one billion and five hundred million tomans for all the actors of a project?

Does estimating the cost of a project in cinema, television, and home theater allow more than three expensive actors to appear in the works?

The fact is that the pay gap is very different between stars, top actors, top actors, regular actors and newcomers. Currently, there are films on the cinema screens and works are being distributed and distributed on platforms, where the salary gap between the leading actor and his partner is about eight hundred million tomans per month, and in fact, they are the only stars with high salaries with projects. They sign a contract. And sometimes a person with a monthly salary of five million tomans sits at the table for lunch in a movie project, and a little further on, the salary of another actor is five hundred million tomans per month, but both are in front of a Camera They go and both are in the titration of a work with a different position

Years of production, production and consulting with creators and producers of various works say that more than 60% of the cost of producing a play, whether in the cinema, on television or on platforms, belongs to the actors. Obviously in this situation Money A lot of the project costs the actors, and certainly the production agents have to work from the rest so that the actors considered by the director and sometimes the actors can be considered. Fashion Present the opinion of TV directors in the project.

Did you know that a large number of actors in a project are paid more than the director?

Did you know that some actors even choose their opposite partner?

Did you know that actors even have the ability to change the script to their own taste?

In fact, this shows that the central actor is an injury that can overshadow cinema and other theatrical realms. However, all these years we have seen that sometimes directors know how to work, whether in cinema, on television, or on the home theater network, by holding a strong script instead of taking the stars in front of the camera, talented actors and They used the capable and with a pure, attractive and attractive story, they created a lasting event.

But the important point here is that the stars can save the work as much as they can by receiving astronomical wages. the earth Eat work. In this case, the right basis for choosing an actor must be adopted. Newly arrived and ignorant producers who put all their eggs in the basket of a star and do not know that even the stars need a strong script and a skilled partner and a dramatic atmosphere with the potential to shine, to shine, Usually in discussion Fund They fail and there is no place for their work in professional discussion.

In this situation, it should be said that the stars and their salaries are not something that can be hidden, but thoughtful management in choosing an actor, intelligent management in choosing the subject and script, intelligent management in acting can be a way to save the project from the pain and suffering of the actor. Escape the axis and move towards a defensible and attractive effect.

Although the actors make up the bulk of the cost of a project, if we look back and all the successful works of cinema ایران Turn the page and we will see that some of the products are durable Iranian cinema From the past to the present, it has been directly related to the proper use of the cast by the production team. If today more than twenty movie star actors live directly from the world Theater They have come to the point that the production team has made stars with thought and tact, not to go to expensive movie stars to use the ready-made bite of others.

With the star-making formula, instead of taking advantage of ready-made stars, with the formula of using carbald and theatrical talented actors, one can face an attractive and different acting showcase and take the risk of putting all the eggs in one basket instead. , Provided a basket so that everyone was in the right place.

Amir Ghaffarmanesh: The salary of today’s actors is directly related to their popularity! / Iranian artists became homeless

Amir Ghaffarmanesh about his recent activities to the reporter Culture and Art News Agency Berna He said: I am currently working in “Uncle Purang’s cottage”. An Iranian TV series in the comedy, family and musical genres, directed by Ahmad Darvish Alipour, written by Mohammad Darvish Alipour and produced by Muslim Aghajanzadeh. The filming of this series will take place in Tehran, in the neighborhood of the Olympic Village, in the sheds near the Azadegan Bridge and Chitgar Lake, and will end in November 1400. Other innovations in this series include the wearing of an Iranian ethnic costume and the explanation of it in each episode by Uncle Pourang.

In response to the question whether the feedback from your role in Uncle Purang’s cottage was positive or not? He said: “Yes, thank God the feedback has been positive so far and I feel it works for children The most correct method is possible and the process of change is much better and easier for them.

The actor in this regard, whether he was vaccinated during the work process or not? He said: Yes, I have been blessed with the vaccine.

Ghaffarmanesh said about the amount of production during the Corona period: “I did not notice any changes in the production process because I was working, but many of my colleagues, especially those who work in the theater, have very bad working conditions and stayed at home.” And Income They do not have enough. Of course, if this situation had happened in other countries, the authorities would have given a fixed pension to the artists, but unfortunately this is not the case in Iran.

This TV and movie actor wonders why there is so much difference between actors’ salaries? He added: “The only reason for that is their popularity with the audience, because the more popular an artist is, the more people will welcome that work of art, and in some cases they even go to the cinema or watch TV because of their art.” It has a greater sales effect and the same amount of wages and Rights They are higher and different from other artists.

He in the end and about that from Minister Culture and guidance Islamic As well as the new boss Broadcasting What is his request? He pointed out: My request to Mohammad Mehdi Ismaili and Peyman Jeblai is to provide working conditions and insurance for the actors, and the most important option is the issues that cause the artists to lose their spectators, and in fact the thoughts that keep some art celebrities away from People can be eliminated and the red lines reduced so that people can distance themselves a little from the difficult situation they are in. The Minister of Guidance should also stand behind the artists as much as he can.

Zohreh Safavi: Many factors are effective in the high income and wages of actors / Popularity and acceptance among the people is one of the factors of high wages

Zohreh Safavi, a veteran actress of theater, cinema and television, said about her recent activities to the culture and art reporter of Borna News Agency: “I am not doing anything at the moment and I have not been present in any project for a year. Play It happened to me in movies and TV series, but because Virus I did not make a deal with any of them.

He added: “The last thing I have in my repertoire was two years ago in the TV comedy series” Doping “directed by Reza Maghsoudi, produced by Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini and written by Reza Maghsoudi and Afra Jorablo.

The veteran actor explained why there is so much difference between the salaries of actors: This issue goes back to various issues such as: party, popularity and acceptance among the people, acting and acting correctly and …. In my opinion, an actor who has the ability to open a place in the hearts of the people deserves to earn as much as being an artist, but on the other hand, some veteran artists have been forgotten, despite the fact that in the past they were popular. And they had a great ability, they are not welcomed today and they do not have a salary. However, it is the right of the actors to receive high salaries because the situation of the society is not in a good position and the artists need high salaries.

Asked whether his salary was in line with the economic situation of the society, he said: “No, it is not in line at all and everything is fluctuating.”

Zohreh Safavi in ​​the end and in this regard, what is the request of the Minister of Culture and the new head of television? He said: The only request I have is air Veterans Have art and find out about them. Besides, he should stand behind the artists as much as he can and not turn his back on them.

Parvaneh Masoumi: In most cases, the amount of actors ‘salaries depends on the actor’s ability to attract the audience / There is no justice in actors’ salaries!

Parvaneh Masoumi, the actress of the series “Beside the Butterflies”, told the culture and art reporter of the Borna News Agency about her recent activities: I avoid this situation.

The actor said about his latest work: The last work in which I played a role was the series “Beside the Butterflies”, which was located in the north of the country, because I was away from Tehran and because it was far away. Due to the crowds, I preferred to play a role in this series in the north of the country.

In this regard, Masoumi stated why there is a big difference between the salaries of actors: In this way, the people who pay astronomical salaries to some actors are definitely only because that actor has the ability to attract the audience and is accepted by society. Is located. In my opinion, if they are not artists, the work of some filmmakers may not be prosperous or they may not get good sales from it, so they try to use famous and popular actors in the society.

He stressed whether his salary in acting corresponds to the economic situation of today’s society or not: No. This is not the case because I do not make a living just by playing.

In the end, Parvaneh Masoumi told the Borna reporter from the Ministry Islamic culture and guidance Dear Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili and the new director of Mr. Peyman Jebli TV, I request this so that they can try to establish justice everywhere, whether on TV, in the cinema, in the theater, or even in the water, because unfortunately we are deprived of justice. Are.

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