Biden continues to fall freely in opinion polls / Under 40% approval for “Mr. Slow”

According to Fars News Agency’s International Group, the free fall of US President Joe Biden in the polls continues and his approval in the latest poll in the state of North Carolina has dropped below 40%.

According to Hill, a US-funded poll by the John Locke Foundation, Biden’s performance in the state rose to 38 percent, with 56 percent of potential voters saying they were unhappy with him.

The overall performance of the Biden government and the economic situation are the factors that are the biggest reason for the dissatisfaction of the participants in this survey.

Degree of dissatisfaction with coping management coronavirus And the economic situation was reported by 55% and 63% of the respondents said that the economic situation is deteriorating.

Satisfaction with the performance of Democratic Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper also dropped to 46 percent in the poll, with 46 percent saying they were unhappy with his performance.

“There is a correlation between Biden and Cooper’s approval rating, but the governor is better off than the president,” Donald Bryson, chairman of the John Locke Foundation, which conducted the poll, told Hill.

The state of North Carolina is one of the key states in the midterm congressional elections scheduled for 2022. Polls in the state show that 50 percent of the population would vote for Republicans if the election were held today.

Joe Biden came to power with a promise to bring the United States back from the policies of the Donald Trump era, but Akon is accused in American public opinion of continuing the policies of the former president, albeit with less noise.

In the months since Biden took office, his numerous blunders have raised doubts about his mental health and the state of his psychological functions.

Last month, Biden snoozed in a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, in addition to being the subject of jokes and humor by cyberspace users in the United States.

Former US President Donald Trump, known for naming various personalities, has at one time called Biden “sleepy atmosphere” and “slow atmosphere” due to his history of such behavior.

Biden said in his latest interview with Gaffe on Wednesday that he had been traveling as vice president for 36 years.

“I have been the Vice President of the United States for 36 years every day after my wife and daughter were killed,” Biden said. [با امترک (شرکت راه‌آهن آمریکایی) ] I was on the move, going home to see my family, (this process) never stopped.

Former White House doctor Rani Jackson, now a member of Congress, has previously predicted that Biden will be forced to resign before the end of his presidency, while expressing concern for the president’s mental health.

Fox News recently reported that Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s new book, Peril, states that Biden’s aides deliberately targeted the president to prevent him from blundering off textless events or interviews. They keep it away for a long time. The assistants include White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein and Biden adviser Anita Dunn.

In this book, they describe the work as the “wall” around Biden in an attempt to counter his “tendency to rashness and occasional verbal errors.”

According to Fox News, despite these efforts, the false statements of the US President continued.

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