Australia’s good service to the United States and the Zionist regime Government of Canberra

In order to attract the attention of the United States and the Zionist regime, the Canberra government included Hezbollah in Lebanon in the list of so-called terrorist organizations and also banned the movement’s activities on Australian soil.

– Western-affiliated circles and some Arab countries have stepped up pressure in recent weeks to isolate Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Beirut government, which is the official Lebanese political group with a representative in the Lebanese parliament.

In addition to countering the occupation of the racist Zionist regime by providing social, economic and cultural services to the Lebanese people, this movement also has a unique and undeniable role in the Lebanese social scene.

Thus, Hezbollah is one of the most influential political groups in Lebanon and in the country’s social circles, which also enjoys strong popular support.

Sayyed Jalal Sadatian, an expert on political issues, said in connection with the increasing pressure on Hezbollah from Western circles: Affect.

“Lebanese people are increasingly attracted to Hezbollah. In addition to Hezbollah’s presence in the Lebanese political scene, there are well-known political groups

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