Activity of 8 Muay Thai clubs for women in the province

According to the Borna news agency from Gorgan; Zahra Farhang, Deputy Chairman of the Golestan Muay Thai Committee in a conversation with Berna He stated: During the two years that I was working as the vice president of Muay Thai in the province, along with other people, we have made every effort to attract fighters who were interested in Muay Thai.

He added: There are 5 instructors in the field of Muay Thai in the province, who train more than 100 students.

He stated: Due to the coronary conditions in July 1400 We held a virtual Muay Thai competition and a home practice challenge in August, which featured virtual competitions in the junior, teen, youth and adult age categories, with prizes awarded to the top individuals at the end.

Farhang further said: There are 8 Muay Thai clubs for women in the province and there are also 5 registered referees in this field in the province.

He continues to recent competitions National team selection Muay Thai pointed out in Zanjan and said: before sending to these competitions for the province’s fighters in July, a joint camp in the hall 4,000 The martyr was held, and then a selection camp was held for the non-Hall, adolescent, young and adult age groups, and then a one-month training camp was held for the selected athletes.

He continued: three athletes in the age group of young and adult under the supervision of Atefeh Nakhaei and coaching Atefeh Rahmati to the national team selection competitions Zanjan Province Were sent.

He pointed out: I was also with Fatima Gholami Nasab as referees sent from Golestan to these competitions.

He specified: In these competitions, Fatemeh Zahra Rezaei in the youth age category, Leila Kikhaei and Seyed Kimia Hosseini in the adult age category Competition They said that Fatemeh Zahra Rezaei was able to win the second place in this competition.

The deputy chairman of the Golestan Muay Thai Committee reminded: selection competitions National team In the age group of non-athletes and teenagers, it will be held in the middle of November in Tehran, where 5 athletes from Golestan province They will participate in these competitions.

Fatemeh Zahra Rezaei also told the Borna reporter: “In these competitions, I won two out of three competitions and managed to get into the national youth Muay Thai team.”

He said: “I have been practicing wushu in Sanda style for 8 years and I only participated in the training camps of the national Muay Thai team in the training camps of this discipline.”

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