Acquisition of more than 5.4 thousand billion tomans of property by Saman Bank

According to a news agency reporter MarketAccording to the decree dated July 17, 1400, the Board of Directors of the Exchange and Securities Organization, all publishers registered with the Organization are obliged to list their land and buildings as the model published by the “Organization” in the report of the Board of Directors to the Annual General Meetings. Or normal extraordinarily, disclose.

In the communiqué of the Director of Supervision of Publishers of the Organization, a table was attached according to which the list of land and buildings of the publishers should be published according to the coordinates mentioned in this table. Also, the amounts listed in the above table should correspond to their corresponding amounts according to the latest audited annual financial statements.

Accordingly, Saman Bank also has a list of lands, apartments and commercial and administrative units under its ownership and disposal. Disclosure According to which, this bank has acquired 857 units.

According to the disclosure, this bank owns 45 administrative and commercial areas worth about 274 billion tomans.

This is while the value of the nobility of these units is about 140 billion tomans, which is not a high figure compared to other banks.

The goodwill value of 52 units owned by this bank in different cities of the country is equal to 524 billion tomans.

Thus, the total amount of arena, nobles and goodwill under the control of Saman Bank, which has been disclosed today, has been calculated equal to 938 billion Tomans.

However, the main assets of Saman Bank are the acquired property, including residential, land, commercial and administrative units, whose book value was equal to 5,456 billion and 310 million and 900 thousand tomans equal to the disclosure.

In front of most of the acquisitions made by this bank, the sentence “In the process of legal process to obtain a document in the name of the bank and expropriation” has been written.

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