About 100 plans have been reviewed to solve the problems of Fars province / Fars province has significant capacities that have not been used properly so far / The government has a serious will to solve the problems of Fars province

Arriving in Shiraz on Thursday morning, Ayatollah Dr. Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi said that provincial trips must be accompanied by planning to solve the problems of the provinces and untie the knots that bother the people. And in Tehran, meetings are held to review the proposed solutions to solve the problems of the province.

According to the government information base, the president pointed out that about 100 plans have been proposed and reviewed to solve the problems of Fars province, and said: “I hope that with the efforts of the governor and managers of Fars province and with the guidance of the representative of the Supreme Leader in the province, good steps It should be removed for the development of the province, and this trip and its approvals as a whole can help solve the problems and increase the people’s trust.

Ayatollah Ra’isi, stating that drought is one of the problems that afflicts both the people of Fars province and the government, said: “The government will do its best to reduce the problems caused by drought.”

The President said: “The development of Fars province is not commensurate with the very high capacities in the fields of agriculture, industry, mining, trade and services, and we are trying to take effective steps in the optimal use of the capacities of the province.”

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