The government says the measure is to help its forces stop Taliban militants infiltrating cities.

Infamous "Dating Game Killer" Rodney Alcala was sentenced in 2010 for murdering women in California.

The R&B star had sexual contact with a 17-year-old he met in McDonald's, prosecutors claim.

Stephen Harmon, who opposed getting vaccinated, has died after a month-long struggle with the virus.

Organisers accuse Hungary's right-wing government of seeking to discriminate against gay people.

Tunisia's Ahmed Hafnaoui takes a shock gold medal in the men's 400m freestyle on Sunday.

Typhoon In-Fa makes landfall in the city of Zhoushan, days after floods devastated central areas.

French anti-riot police fired teargas during protests against Covid-19 curbs and vaccination.

Heavy rains have battered India's western coast, leaving dozens dead and prompting mass evacuations.

Firefighters say their search is over, a month after the building collapsed, with 97 confirmed dead.

Nearly 50 years after 11 Israeli athletes were killed, a moment's silence is marked in Tokyo.

The sanctions are in response to recent US sanctions on Chinese officials in Hong Kong.

Just 15 cells' worth of DNA was used to track down the man suspected of killing a US girl in 1989.

As burning ash pelts their vehicle, video shows firefighters in California drive through the flames.

Rescuers are racing to evacuate survivors but many are feared missing in the state of Maharashtra.

A video showed Susanna Ohlen rubbing herself with dirt before broadcasting from a flood-hit town.

US Coast Guard officials spotted an SOS sign on a remote shack where the man had been staying.

The Tokyo 2020 Games are officially under way as Naomi Osaka lights the Olympic flame in a poignant opening ceremony.

Vaccination with Moderna's jab can now be extended to adolescents, the EU medicines watchdog says.

Gunshots and tear gas punctuate the funeral of former Haitian President Jovenel Moïse.