15 things you can clean with soda

From toilet bowls to clothes stains

According to reports EconomyOnline ; If you have coca in your home, you can also use this drink as a cleanser. The high acidity of coca is suitable for cleaning everyday household items. We have prepared a list of them:

1. Oil stains

Is your car or engine leaking? This can lead to black spots on the floor of the yard or garage. If you put some coca on the stain, you do not need to scrub. Leave it for a few hours and then clean the oil safely!

2. Rejection of ink

Whether you are out of paper while writing or children are painting on the carpet, we all know the annoying effects of ink. Fortunately, Coca-Cola can help you here. Pour a little soda on the stain and rub it. Then use some water with soap on the stain and you will see that it disappears like soft snow in the sun.


3. Clean the toilet

An old but golden tip: Pour half a bottle of Coca in the toilet. Leave on for an hour and then rinse. Remove any stains with a toilet brush and detergent. Your toilet will be clean and shiny.

4. Eliminate rust

Small rusty objects can be placed in a glass of coca overnight. The next day wipe them with a clean cloth and you will see that they shine like the first day. You need to know this when cleaning your bike. Pour some cola on a rusty frame and clean it easily.

5. Burnt pans

Did you accidentally put your meal on the stove for too long? This can cause the pots to burn. It is impossible to clean these. By saving a can of soda in the pan, you save time and energy. Put the pot on low heat and let it boil for an hour. After that, you can wash the dish as usual and the dirt will be removed much more easily.

6. Moldy slurry

The grout between your bathroom and kitchen tiles can quickly lose its color. You often see a brownish-brown color appear. Ideally, we can eliminate this color change as soon as possible.

It is much easier to clean if you have previously rubbed some coca on the slurry. Leave it for a few minutes and then clean it with a stiff sponge.

7. Bolts

Do you have rusty bolts on the wall? Clean them with a little coca. Rinse them with some water and liquid, the result looks good.

Would you like to know what else you can use to clean Coca-Cola?

8. Car windshield

Keeping the windshield clean is important for clear vision. This can also be done with coca. Pour a can of soda on the windshield and rinse it with a hose or pour a bucket of water over it.

9. In the garden

Coca can help keep your garden healthy. Because it can keep snails away and speed up your composting process. It is also a great agent for dealing with your wooden appliances and rusty hedge forks.

10. Kettle

Every once in a while you should get rid of the accumulation of calcareous deposits in the kettle. Of course, you do not want to see small pieces of the ingredients in your tea. Coca is ready to help you with that. Fill the kettle with coca and bring to a boil. Leave on for 30 minutes and then rinse. Goodbye, limestone!

11. Stains on clothes

There is nothing worse than staining your favorite clothes. Blood, fat, are never pleasant. If you have a lot of stains on your clothes, add a can of coca to your washing machine. Do not forget to use your regular detergent or powder. Put it in a normal position. It is interesting that you do not see anything after finishing the work.

12. Remove color

Soak a cloth in coca and then place it on the paint stain. Leave the towel for a while so that Coca can do its magic. Then you can easily remove the stain with soap and water.

13. Swimming pool

However, this is not an everyday item … If you own a pool, this one is especially for you. Pour two liters of coca in your pool and you will see that rust and other stains are removed.

14. Clean the battery clamps

Not only car windows but also car clamps can be cleaned with a little coca. Pour a little coca on the clamps and you will immediately notice the difference.

15. Chrome

Coca is a great way to clean chrome objects. Soak a cleaning cloth in Coca-Cola and use it to clean chrome objects such as car parts, coat hooks, showers, bicycle parts and lamps.

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